Win £20,000 a week at Mecca Bingo!

Mecca Bingo\r\nWell done to all those who were lucky enough to win at Mecca Games during the festive season! There is nothing quite like a bingo win to make you feel full of joy! Did you know that the Mecca Games website offers so much more than just bingo? You can play slots and casino as well, but much more than this! You can also read the latest celebrity gossip as well as the community chat and banter. You can also read daily top tips, such as how to remove lily stains (Remove a Lily stain by using a piece of sellotape to lightly pick up the dust). However, if you are at Mecca Games for the bingo, then be sure to check out the latest games and promotions which are running throughout January. \r\n\r\nMecca games will be giving away an amazing £20,000 a week during January! Those very generous folks at Mecca Bingo are guaranteeing that £20,000 will be won each week from the 33 ball jackpot prize! How are they going to ensure that it is won, I hear you ask? Well, if the prize has not been won by Saturday afternoon, they will be increasing the ball count for the jackpot prize (i.e., you will not need to get a full house in 33 numbers or less, but 34, 35, 36, etc…). this way by midnight the jackpot prize is guaranteed to have been won! In addition to this any roomies who have bought a ticket in the winning game will get to share £1000 between them! This promotion will run every week during January, so Mecca Games will be giving away £80,000 this month! How very superbly generous of the Mecca Games folks! \r\n\r\nAlso during January Mecca Games will be randomly crediting regular players with prizes between £1 and £10. If you are lucky enough to be chosen you only have 24 hours to spend the money before Mecca take it back! So check your account regularly! \r\n\r\nNew Players at Mecca Games can play free bingo between 12-2pm and 7-9pm during January. If you registered in December or January join in with the free bingo fun!\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Mecca Bingo

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