What’s new at Posh Bingo for September

Posh Online Bingo\r\nA few “Jolly, well done old chaps” and a good old slap on the back to Daiphoenix, who bagged £1000, Looby2 who also won £1000 and Emmlar who won a handsome £250, all playing at Posh Bingo during August. If you fancy a bit of Posh Bingo and would like to know how to increase your chances of winning, simply get playing the ‘fabulous’ games and take advantage of the promotions running at Posh Bingo this September.\r\n\r\nFancy a posh holiday? Well, if you go to Posh Bingo on the 20th September you could be in for a chance to win a cruise! If you would like to sail around the Caribbean Islands on a luxury cruise liner, then be in it to win it, with the Paradise game at 8pm on the 20th September and you could spend some of October in a first class cabin! Simply be the first to cover the cruise liner shaped bingo ticket and you could sail away with Posh Bingo! Bring a friend and enjoy £500 of spending money! Tickets cost £1 each.\r\n\r\nCheck out Posh Bingos daily promotions during September for your chance to win some Posh Bingo Points. Madame Monday offers the person who bingos most on #1 the chance to win 25,000 bingo points! The Queen Bee promotion on Wednesday offers you the chance to grab yourself 50,000 bingo points, if you bingo on the letter B or the Crown shape. And if you can bingo in under 44 calls on Thursdays you can get yourself 25,000bps!\r\n\r\nIf you think you are a Top Dog, then you could get £75, just for being the person who bingos the most over the weekend at Posh Bingo! And, whilst the September weather is getting rainy, that is not a bad thing at Posh Bingo, for their current Brolly promotion – whereby if you bingo on the brolly pattern, or the number #72, you get yourself £75, which you can always save for a rainy day!\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Posh Bingo

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