Tombola Bingo offers in January

tombola bingo\r\nIt certainly is fantastic when you win big at bingo, so let us all congratulate Tombola’s latest big bingo winner Jordan070588 who won a staggering twenty one thousand nine hundred and eighteen pounds playing Bingo 90 at Tombola Bingo! The poor thing is still in shock! She joins ranks with the other lucky winners at Tombola Bingo, such as Karand who bagged herself five hundred pounds, Mummybluebird, who won two hundred pounds and OggyOggyOggy who won five hundred pounds playing Bingo 80! If you would like to see your name join the list of winners next month, then check out all the fabulous games and promotions running at Tombola Bingo during November.\r\n\r\nBonfire Night went off with a bang at Tombola Bingo with four players winning £2000 jackpots each! If you missed out, do not worry because there is still loads to play for this month! For example the Bingo 90 jackpot currently stands at a whopping £7,441! It is just sitting there, growing bigger, waiting for some lucky player to whisk it away! Get playing 90 ball bingo today for your chance to win it!\r\n\r\nTombola Bingo is still running its free Lucky Pick game all through November, whereby you could win yourself up to £500 free! All you have to do is be a member to play! Then you get to choose six lucky numbers each day to scratch off and see if you have won! You have the whole week to scratch off your numbers (there are 49 to choose from) and because sometimes its fun to be cruel, at the end of the week Tombola Bingo will reveal all the squares that were left over on your card, so you could see what you could have won!!\r\n\r\nDo not forget to watch out for the Emmerdale Tombola Bingo bumper adverts that are running during Emmerdale! You know you cannot wait to see which lucky Tombola players got to take part in the advert! So get to see the famous faces you play bingo with! Watch out for the Tombola Bingo Bumpers from the 16th November.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Tombola

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