Sun Bingo offers in January

Sun Bingo\r\nWe may have all wanted a white Christmas, but when will the snow ever end? If you are sick of it being freezing cold and need a little ‘Sun’ in your life, then maybe you will be as lucky as Jp4mewho recently won £4575.88, or Vivi1, who scooped £1261.62, or even Cward19 who was lucky enough to win £1000.00, all courtesy of Sun Bingo! So, bring a ray of ‘sun’ light into your world this January by checking out the latest Sun Bingo news, offers and promotions which are running this month. \r\n\r\nJanuary is sale month at Sun Bingo! Well, everyone else does it, so why not your favourite bingo site! Log on to Sun Bingo and you will find some fantastic bingo offers, such as 2p bargain bingo, BOGOF bingo, 1p bargain bingo and even free bingo! Check out the Sun Bingo website for full details of these great offers!\r\n\r\nThe big news at Sun Bingo this month are the twenty family holidays which can be won. This promotion is running from Saturday 9th January until Friday 15th January. If you want to be with a chance to win a family holiday then you need to log on to Sun Bingo at 9.50 am or 9.50 pm and join the Lollipop Chat room. There you can take part in a game of Quick Draw Uproar, where the first twenty players to answer correctly will go into the draw for the £9.50 family holidays!\r\n\r\nCan you believe that The Sun has been running their great getaway holidays for families for twenty years? Amazingly, it is true and with the country still in the grip of recession, these holidays will surely come in handy to may families this year! So, do not miss out on your chance to win at Sun Bingo. You can also gain entry into the draw by playing Winning Headlines between Saturday January 9 and Friday January 15 – if you get to the bonus game, then you will get one entry into the prize draw which could see you winning a family holiday!\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Sun Bingo

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