Play Santa’s Little Melters at Tombola Bingo

tombola bingo\r\nTombola Bingo is a fun and entertaining place to play bingo and related games online. In fact, Tombola Bingo is one of the leading providers of such a service in respect to the wide variety of games, specials and ongoing promotions it serves up to players. Indeed, Tombola Bingo’s large community of players regularly enjoy a host of opportunities to win top prizes through both normal game play and monthly or daily competitions. In fact, it is fair to say that big cash and top prize winners are churned out by Tombola Bingo on a daily basis, so members have plenty to play for besides the fun of the game.\r\n\r\nAs of writing this review, some of the most recent winners at Tombola Bingo included cheppy, who banked a truly massive £10,000 playing Bingo Roulette. Cheppy’s story is one that will be familiar to many a Tombola Bingo player in so much as he played Bingo Roulette with his last £2 before striking it lucky. Another big winner at Tombola Bingo in December was xxkfrittax from North Shields, who scooped a healthy £5,000 playing Cinco, whilst rocketron28 won £1,000 having also played Cinco on the site. Other top Tombola Bingo winners in December include Rach29 (£11,304 on bingo 90), maggyone (£7,501 on bingo 90), mrsmcginty (£2,000 on Cinco) and dee jay (£1,948 on bingo 90).\r\n\r\nIn respect to Tombola Bingo’s promotions for December, its flagship special takes the form of the new advent game called Santa’s Little Melters, which is scheduled to run until the 24th December. The Santa’s Little Melters game is free to play and boasts an impressive pot of £100,000 that must be won before the closing date. Specifically, the promotion requires that players click on the relevant igloos, at which point the displayed elf will melt the igloo. Whilst this would not be much good to any virtual creature living in the igloo, each one in fact hides a symbol that relates to a specific prize – if three matching coloured symbols are revealed, whatever prize displayed is won by the participant. Prizes in this game range from £5 to £5,000 in cold hard cash.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Tombola

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