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News Of The World Bingo\r\nAt Christmas time it is always a bonus if you find a way to make yourself an extra bit of cash but can do it having fun and meeting new people. Bingo is a great way to do this as there are lots of chat rooms in which you will meet lots of new people. \r\n\r\nJust in the passed couple of weeks Ratty68 won a whopping £2,812.39 and Lawman1964 won a massive £1,000.00 and Neon won an amazing £995.00 and all the did was play online bingo!! It is amazing the amount of money you can win by just playing a simple game. I mean seriously think about it – play bingo for a couple of hours and you can win £1,000!! \r\n\r\nThroughout December there are many chances to win big whether it is cash or one of the Christmas promotion prizes. \r\n\r\nPlay for free using the Fashion club room on Tuesday nights; also you can play for free using Bingo 90.\r\n\r\nEvery night in December there is a guaranteed £1,000 for a full house on the Bingo 90 games. Potentially you could win £7,000.\r\n\r\nThe Christmas promotion prizes include a Sony PS3, an Apple iPad, plasma televisions and there is a chance to win any one of these prizes from 1st December 2010 to 24th December 2010 on the Slots game. The minimum entry fee to win one of the above prizes is £5.00. Even if you do not manage to win one of the above prizes you will still be entered into the lucky draw where there are 10 cash prizes of £250; the lucky draw will take place on Wednesday 29th December.\r\n\r\nInitially you have to put £10 onto an account to register but after that just look for the free games to win big.\r\n\r\nClick here to play News Of The World Bingo

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