Mega Mondays and more at Metro Bingo

Metro Bingo\r\nChristmas has come and gone and we are all a little fatter and a little poorer for it! However, with the new year firmly here, we can get on with starting out New Years resolutions! If one of your New Years resolutions was to be nicer to people – then join me in congratulating the recent winners from Metro Bingo. A big ‘well done’ to Snakesword who won £712.00, Connoe who has scooped £514.00, Lynnelaw26 who won a nice tidy sum of £420.00, Ladylocks who struck lucky and won £401.60, Juicyjill who won £400.00 and Kellc1982 who is pleased as punch with her win of £385.00. If you want to try your luck, then check out the latest Metro Bingo games, offers and promotions that will be running though January. \r\n\r\nIt is a new year and Metro Bingo have decided to bring some new upgrades to their games and site. For 2010 you can now play linked games with bigger pots and larger progressives! You can indulge in brand new mini games, play the much anticipated brand new pattern 75 ball bingo and purchase tickets through a comprehensive pre-buy programme (meaning you no longer have to worry about missing games)! Metro Bingo just keeps getting better! \r\n\r\nMondays are going to be MEGA at Metro Bingo during 2010. As MEGA MONDAY Bumper Day arrives! The pots will be bigger and the games will be better! Ensure you are signed up to receive promotional emails from Metro Bingo, so you will be invited to the best new games! \r\n\r\nMetro Bingo are also bringing you brand new prize bingo for 2010! Join them every Thursday for your chance to take part in the £27,000 prize give-away, because you never know when your luck might be in. Eyes down on Thursday 14th January in the Bingo Café @ 9 pm sharp, for your chance to win £1200 worth of ‘white goods’, with a cash equivalent of £840 on the table, these prize bingo games are not to be missed during 2010!\r\n\r\nClick here to play Metro Bingo

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