Guaranteed prizes to £300 on Cinco at tombola

When it comes to simple but effective tombola Bingo leads the pack. Right from the simple registration process, through to playing any one of its many unique games, at this bingo site it is a case of a couple of clicks and you’re off.\r\n\r\nStarting with the more common 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo games and moving on to the truly unique 60 ball and 50 ball games, each offering numerous ways to win, players can then try their hand at games like Pirates with its state of the art animations and sound effects and roulette and card based games, like Bingo Roulette and Cinco (pronounced sinko).\r\n\r\nIn between there is the famous Hamster Race, a Battleships game, Rollercoaster and Bandit – the only hint of a slot at the site.\r\n

tombola bingo


The beauty of tombola Bingo is that no game costs more than £2 to play and tickets for some games start at just 2p each.

\r\nEvery now and then one of the tombola games is highlighted for a special giveaway in the form of guaranteed jackpots. This week it is card game Cinco that is featured and £500,000 will be given away in guaranteed prizes by Sunday, 21st October.\r\n\r\nThere are 17 Cinco rooms to play in and 4 different prices to play – 5p, 10p, 20p and 40p. Each room has its own jackpots to be won for completing a game in 5, 6 or 7 cards, with a top prize of £20,000.\r\n\r\nPlay between 8pm and 10pm each night until Sunday, 21st October for a variety of different guaranteed game prizes depending which room you are playing in. During that time each game in the 5p rooms is worth £35; in the 10p rooms it’s £75; in the 20p rooms it’s £150 and in the 40p rooms it’s £300.\r\n\r\nThe Cinco rooms are usually very popular and these great prizes will probably mean more people than ever give the game a try, but what a super introduction to a game you may never have played before with top prizes if luck runs your way.

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