Gala Bingo TV ad among top turkeys of 2012

It is always nice to be noticed, but sometimes it can be for all the wrong reasons. At this time of year all sorts of industries start voting for their best and worst awards. This time Gala Bingo has attracted the notice of top advertising publication, Campaign magazine, when it has been looking for its Top Ten Turkeys in the world of TV advertising for 2012.\r\n\r\nThe powers that be look at all the TV ads that have been prominent during the year and give their verdict on the best and worst. The Gala Bingo TV ad featuring Peter Andre and its WinWin online bingo offer came second in the poll, with the panel commenting that: “This advert is a masterclass in how not to make a TV commercial,” and continued by saying, “It makes you think that Jordan had a point after all.”\r\n\r\nThe worst TV ad overall was voted at being one from Richmond Ham that used naked people having a picnic to promote its wares and all that naked flesh featuring in an ad for cooked meat was not looked upon favourably by the panel.\r\n

\r\nGala Bingo need to be thankful to the people at Chanel No5 who decided to go all arty with a black and white ad featuring Brad Pitt. He had long hair and a beard and it was not his finest hour in the view of the voting panel who put the ad as the 8th worst of the year. It is this fact that much of the press is focussing on, going so far as to say it could be extremely damaging to the credibility of his twenty year film career and his future prospects.\r\n\r\nGala Bingo has gone from strength to strength since it relaunched in the summer using Virtue Fusion software and the fact that industry types have turned their noses up at the TV ad will not bother the brand too much. It is players that count, and they love what is going on.\r\n\r\nTake advantage of the £15 free bingo bonus that is on offer to new members to welcome them aboard for a deposit and spend of just £5 on bingo tickets following registration.

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