Every man for himself as Dragonfish abandon Team Bingo

As a community building feature team bingo always looked like a good idea on paper, especially with the incentive of thousands of loyalty points being made available to the teams that topped the leader board. Unfortunately, not everyone is a big fan of chatting in the bingo rooms and don’t know other people in there and so find it hard to come together as a team.\r\n\r\nThe Dragonfish platform has now recognised this fact and has removed the monthly Team Bingo offer from its network of bingo sites, including Jackpot Bingo, and replaced it with the 2Million Race.\r\n

Jackpot Bingo

\r\nIn many ways this new feature is a vast improvement on the team bingo format. Everyone can play as much or as little as they want without adversely affecting the chances of their team picking up a prize. However, the benefits of playing lots of bingo and picking up points have been enhanced and improved beyond recognition.\r\n\r\nThe 2Million Race will start fresh each month and as you would expect, there are two million loyalty points up for grabs – that’s £2,000 in monetary value – with which to play more bingo. 40 winners will be created every month, winning anything from 300,000 points down to 25,000 points – that’s £300 to £25.\r\n\r\nDifferent challenges are worth different points value. Referring a friend is worth most at 100 points and a daily deposit of £50 is worth 50 points. However, playing as normal will soon see the points add up too. Look for the 2M Race pattern as a win on that is worth 25 points; every £1 wagered on bingo is worth 1 point and calling bingo on number 2 is worth 5 points.\r\n\r\nThis is just one small change among many at Dragonfish bingo sites such as Jackpot Bingo and they are looking all the better for it. Check it out there now and claim a 200% first deposit bonus.

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