Biscuit Bingo benefits from Portugal bingo arrests

In the UK we regard bingo in all its forms as an innocent and harmless way to pass a few hours with friends and, hopefully, win a few Pounds or a few prizes, depending where we are playing.\r\n\r\nIn other countries it seems it is not regarded in quote the same way as some British and Irish tourists and UK ex pats found out recently in Albufeira, Portugal.\r\n\r\nOne Friday night recently the landlady of The Yorkshire Tavern, herself a Yorkshire lass living in the town, was running a popular bingo session among the patrons for nothing more risky than a tin of biscuits and a bar of chocolate. Suddenly the bar was raided by the police and everyone was arrested, even those not playing the game itself.\r\n\r\nIn Portugal all forms of gambling require special permission and licences, even if cash prizes are not being offered. This was the misunderstanding by Marianne Pittaway, the landlady, that led to the problem.\r\n\r\nMs Pittaway was subsequently fined 700 Euros and given a four month suspended sentence for hosting the game. Those taking part faced fines of various levels and even those in the bar were fined for ‘witnessing illegal gambling’ to the tune of 150 Euros.\r\n\r\nThere has clearly been a lot of interest in this event and many people will have been searching the term ‘biscuit bingo’ to find out what happened to these poor holidaymakers. It just so happens there is an online bingo site called Biscuit Bingo and as it offers a £15 free no deposit bonus to new members there is not doubt some of those accidental encounters will have led to a new influx of players to the community to check it out.\r\n\r\nOnline Biscuit Bingo is a much safer option while relaxing rather than risking seeking out a bingo game on foreign shores.

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